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Default Re: The evils of the Torah

Whether you need it or not you will receive it. the only way to believe this is to study the Bible yourself and be receptive. No one will force feed you except of course the churches. These teach and promote a human god of myth a mixture of what humankind demands to hear and wants, a kindly god who wanders lonely for the love and companionship of humans. GOD as The CHRIST said has other flocks to feed. Little is mentioned of this, but it is there, because your species does not need to know yet. As you say and as I have said, the likelihood of the longevity of the present dominant species of Earth is not only in doubt, but assured to be low. What church will teach you this, what Priest will say this for fear of his livelihood. As I have said, confront your God with this question, see if an answer that rings true to you is forth coming. So many say why is this and why is that. The answer is that the GOD of the Bible describes GOD's ways directly to humans and does not mix words and this GOD is GOD and there is no other. Humans did not ,because of fear, feel comfortable with this GOD at Sinai and were allowed to reject GOD and they did.
The rejection will be and is being returned to this species and much more is to come.
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