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Default Re: Spiritual Resistance

Draken, you put the finger on it. I wouldn't expected less from a Carpathian Hyperborean! You are the kind of a person I'm searching for. It would be nice to get together in a kind of an online club (by the way, how do I get on that "solipsistic" forum?), but we have to try to make others see the Light, too.

A quarrel is the last thing we need, here on this forum or anywhere else.

As for the "bottle-person", I beg your pardon and I assure you that sooner or later I will leave this forum, like Draken.

There seems to be a "party" of agnostic "theorists of conspiracy." I don't want to shove any god down their neck. It just seems to me they haven't use their brains to their full capacity, because believing in something greater than this material world is a question of intelligence.

If they "go for" conspiracies, they must be some intelligence left in them, too. Maybe they are not a lost cause.

I'm trying to "tease" them into thinking, that's all.

God bless you all!
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