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Default Re: Mexicans Migrate to 'Their Land'

sablefish wrote:
Welcome aboard Edward.. You got the Big picture.. Stick around and don't let the fanatics get you down.

I figure we swiped this continent and S. America from a genetic line of the peoples who came from China and migrated over the northern and southern hemispheres during the ice ages.

Historically we have no reason to be here, I'm talking about (White People).

The main threat to the NWO is that the "National Identity" of the U.S. is a problem.. Heck we even believe in a thing called Nationalism.. They don't like that.. So they will destroy that belief along with the belief in family as the basic social unit.

After they are done with destroying the U.S. economy they will Balkanize the U.S into smaller states that could never resist the power of the NWO. And at the same time they will expand the U.S. Canada, and Mexico into one country.

That is what is going to happen.. And this Mexican border thingie is just the start of it.
The Big Picture You Say.

Ok, here's my prediction what will happen to the country.
1. The 25 million Illegals will be given Amnesty.
(if they don't, more or likely expect mass rioting, BE PREPARED TO DEFEND YOURSELF, It's not you, the Gov't will protect, it's the Illegals!)
2. Quietly, the Infrastructure of the U.S. is bulging with construction, this shows that the "CORPORATOCRACY" will need the Illegals.
3. Expect that most Large American cities to be BALKANIZED by design. Yugoslavia ring a bell. (ther'es a purpose you know.)
4. More and More Rampant corruption on all levels, not just the Federal, with more Illegals, more turd world politics.
5. just pray God ends the world fast! :-?
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