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Default Re: US Forces Ready to Destroy 10,000 Targets in the Middle East in a Few Hours

Could be worse gentlemen. The West could be on the receiving end of the all those warheads. I'm sorry for them in a way, but its not like they haven't been warned about fucking around with the US.
Yeh, you'd think the world woulda learned. :-P

Genocide of local Indian population.

Ruthless slaughter of Phillipino's in 1890's uprising.

Massive firebombing of German cities - 600,000 dead innocent men, women and children.

Starvation of 1000,000 German soldiers AFTER the war.

Massive firebombing of Japanese cities - 1000,000 dead innocent men, women and children.

Massive bombing campaign of Korean targets - untold dead.

Vietnam war - Anywhere from 2-3 million dead Vietnamese and Cambodian innocent civilians.

1st Gulf War - 250,000 dead Iraqi conscripts in the desert.

U.S led sanctions after 1st Gulf War- 1,000,000 dead innocent Iraqi's...but it was "worth it". [Madeline Albright]

2nd Gulf War - 30,000+ dead innocent Iraqis and counting.
I could go on.

Indeed, has'nt anyone learned yet? "Who can take on the Beast"? The servent of "mystery babylon". And we all know who that is ;-)
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