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Default Re: Israel Must Be Held Accountable For Its International Law Violations

Has it ever occurred to anyone what would happen if Israel gets conquered or destroyed?

I'm not sorry for saying this but, It seems many of you are falling hook,line, and sinker from the massive propaganda machine of the Billionaire Arabs, in lock step with the Commie Leftist of the Western Nations, or did that not occur to you, do you not know of Communism's ties to Islamic Militancy?

Again "sherlock's" what will happen to your little cozy life's when the Islamic Jihadist's come to your town? And don't give me this bullshit leftist lies that it's all a Zionist plot.

Do your homework. Islamic Raghead Killers are real. take the time. of all the damm places they've not Assimilated, Australia, France, Europe in general, ooops, I mean Eurabia, and Arabralia.

Israel falls,America falls, America falls, you fall!
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