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Default Re: Mexicans Migrate to 'Their Land'

Edward wrote:
What is happening has nothing to do with anything other than the NEW WORLD ORDER.
The ONE WORLDERS are working to remove borders between our country Canada and Mexico.
It started with N.A.F.T.A. and will end with North America being one of the ten areas that the world has been carved into by the international bankers & corporations like IBM and many others so they can take over the world and make slaves out of you and me.When you have all the money all thats left to go after is power.
Make no mistake when they take our guns (the plan is to get them by the end of 2007) we will be sitting ducks for the goverment to start killing anyone who does not fit into their NEW WORLD ORDER.

What's wrong with them taking our guns ???

Fidel Castro did the same to Cuba and now

everybody has access to free education, good

drinking water, free medical care and nobody

sleeps in the street.
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