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Default Re: Israel Must Be Held Accountable For Its International Law Violations

Has it ever occurred to anyone what would happen if Israel gets conquered or destroyed?
It wont. The Arabs are fools. They will NEVER destroy Israel militarily.

Revalation details what is going to happen. God will NEVER allow His people to be destroyed. A small remnant will remain and Israel will be what it has always meant to be...a shining light to all nations with Christ as King.

Israel is currently run by simple war like thugs. Thugs for hire through the Rothschild owned and run British Intelligence system which owns the U.S system through the "East Coast Blue Bloods" like the Bush's.

The current leadership of israel are originally converts from the central plains of Rssia with ZERO ties to the area. It is as if a Catholic convert from Swaziland suddenly claimed Rome. Ridiculous.

I'm not sorry for saying this but, It seems many of you are falling hook,line, and sinker from the massive propaganda machine of the Billionaire Arabs
The "billionair Arabs" are SIMPLE lap dogs of the powers that put them their in the first place. Consult a basic history book for the history of the region. Particuly the "Balfour Conference" and the machinations of WW1 where "Laurence Of Arabia" (a British Intelligence asset) conned the dumb Arabs into getting rid of the Turkish Empire their. The Arabs were promised Palestine and "self rule". Ha! Suckers! Hav'nt the brown people learnt yet? A white mans word is worthless.

The Saudi Royal family do as they are told. The massive oil profits they are invested BACK into Wall Street and the City Of London Banking system. Should they get "uppity", they die of thirst in the desert or wake up with a heart attack. The training of the Royal body gaurd is done by the "Rand Corporation"...a private asset of the CIA.

Quote: lock step with the Commie Leftist of the Western Nations, or did that not occur to you, do you not know of Communism's ties to Islamic Militancy?
Russia is an owned and operated subsidery of the European Royal/Banking Houses. Putin, while appearing as a nationalist, spends an AWFUL lot of time with his Lefty friends like Gerhard Schroeder (former German leader) at Bilderberger conferences.

White men stick together and the silly Arabs are tag teamed by this grouping of Internationalist Elitist and their various lackeys. Russia is egging on Iran and selling them weapons. Iran will be destroyed unless it is VERY, VERY careful. Russia is rebuliding it's economy RAPIDLY due to the high oil price. I ask you...who will benefit from more war in the region and a spiralling oil price?

Again "sherlock's" what will happen to your little cozy life's when the Islamic Jihadist's come to your town? And don't give me this bullshit leftist lies that it's all a Zionist plot.
Indeed, thats EXACTLY what it is..."a Zionist Plot". Israel is the expert when it comes to framing Arabs. I belive at the DIRECT behest of it's masters in London and Washington. Who financed the "Madrahsses" (Islamic Fundamentalist Schools) all over the region? The Saudi's? YES! And who do the Saudi's answewr to? Are you getting it yet?

Also, these people have LEGITAMATE grievences against the West who are seeking to make the Islamic world "secular" and DESTROY traditional Islam so it's women can work more and do more shopping.

Thomas Barnett

Do your homework. Islamic Raghead Killers are real.
Indeed. The "real ones" dont get around much though. They stick close to home being "mad killers" and easily spotted.

The REAL killers who scare me are Mossad run killers who do the "dirt Arab killer" framing. Please do some homework on this fairly basic fact known to most konspiracy kooks.

Israel falls,America falls, America falls, you fall!
America is being taken down by NEO-BOLSHEVIKS like Bush and the Penac crew. They are 5th Columnists who's job is to "energise the Left" and plunge the U.S into civil war and economic chaos. From their the Left can take over and institute MORE laws to prevent nasty "right wing fascists" (read revoloutionary bolsheviks) from EVER being so nasty again. They will keep ALL the state security apparatus in place and blame nasty Bush and his ultra right wing crew for the pain. The U.N will step in...Hillary for Prezzie and Bill for U.N...Bono and the Pope leading the choir.

America is owned and run by the City Of London through the East Coast Blue Bloods that Professor Quigley so aptly describes.

Do NOT fall for the propoganda that the Arab is your enemy. NO, they ar'nt all angels but they are fighting the Left inspired secular enemy that wishes to destroy ALL religion...particularly Judaism, Islam and most of all Christianity. Consult your Pike and Mazzini letters. Makow has heaps on this on his site.
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