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Default Re: The "Liquid Bombers" - And Other Tales...

The 17-year-old boy is accused of possessing a book on bombs, suicide notes and the wills of people prepared to commit terrorist acts, according to the charges issued against him.
I have a book on bombs and also "Home Made Hand Guns". So what?

Suicide notes?..."Dear Mum, if you dont let me go to holiday in Ibiza i'm killing myself".

"Wills"? WTF? A 17 year old? Yeh, he should be easist to scare the hell out of and frame. :-)

The Met's Deputy Assistant Commissioner Peter Clarke told journalists bomb making equipment, including chemicals and electrical components, had been found during the investigation into the alleged plot.
A digital clock and wait for it..."Hydrogen Peroxide". (Official)

Now, who here knows what "HYDROGEN PEROXIDE" does in the home.

Come on... :-D

It's SOOOOOOOOOOOO laughable as to defy description. These guys will ALL get off.

The fools at the Met are shitting themselves and desperate for a way out. Someone is going to lose their job.

More comedy routines from the INEPT coppers.

REMEBER NOW..."Liquid Bombs". Closed down airports and MASSIVE disruption for what? Some household cleaner and a digital clock. A bunch of idiot teenagers.

This is so pathetic that i'm embarrased for the coppers. Absoloutly embarrassed. The airlines are going to sue the arse off the government.
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