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Default Re: 911/ Vendetta youtube

I don't know. I though it showed pretty well the way of the future.
The Joe Silver produced "The Matrix" and also this. He also did another based badly on 1984 with Cristian Bale in it...i cant remember it's name.

ALL of these movies promote VIOLENT overthrow of the established order. ALL (especially the Matrix) are aimed DIRECTLY at the teenage market. The Matrix is CHOCK FULL of Zionist/Athiestic/Communist crap that it's not funny.

It spins a good line like ALL Commie propaganda. However, it's designed to slip the chains straight back on you.

If people were serious they would show the movie "Ghandi" over and over again. Ghandi has stooge qualifacations, however, it was a beuttiful booting out of the establishment order. It took a Hindu to show a Christian how it's done.
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