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Default Re: »I speak unto them whose eyes are covered but with little dust.«

Yeah, I suppose trying to tell people about "The Truth" is also a stage in a person's development. I think ultimately both you and I might've realised certain things and hopefully gotten beyond them but our Egos still want to "bless" everyone with what we percieve as "The Truth"!

There are quite a few roads to the Truth, God has created as many ways to the Truth as there are humans on earth:

"The ways to God are as many as the breaths of human beings."

I think everyone will sooner or later come to the point in their life span when they realise they have to take a stand on this issue:

“The hyperrealistic world that was substantiated with pure and sheer action was replaced with a subreal and confused world of emotions, imaginations, hopes, and fears…”

"The gods were not independent of men, but were at most symbols or numena. Ideally, the highest caste was both regal and sacral. They controlled the numena. The high gods of ancient Egypt were threatened with destruction, if they failed to do what the priests asked of them. It was degeneration that made the gods into anthropomorphic beings, who might love men and whom men might love in return. The primordial magical system was devoid of morality. Even when the soul was purged, the rite was more in the nature of a medical procedure than of Christian repentance.

Natural man consists of an ego, a demon and a shadow. The demon, sometimes called the “double,” is the foundation of most people. It is what we share with our ancestral stock. The ego is ephemeral. The personalities of ordinary people dissolve after death, leaving the shadow, which fades away in due course. The demon returns to the ancestral source, in effect being eaten by the infernal powers. Then it suffers impersonal reincarnation as the foundation of new human beings of the same lineage. Often in traditional societies, the aristocratic cult seeks liberation from the ancestral totems, but the popular cult simply facilitates the desire of the chthonic forces to incarnate in human beings.

There are two paths after death. One is the path of the god, the solar path, which leads to the dwelling of the immortals. The other is the path of the ancestors, the lunar path, which leads to dissolution and Niflheim, the house of the chthonic deities. Failing the trial in the afterlife brings the second death. However, initiates do have the possibility of turning their demon into an immortal “body of light.” Their souls are united with Brahma." (Julius Evola)

I haven't read your suggested text yet, I just wanted to answer your post. I'll read it now. ;-)

Truth, Beauty, Love
Three things are sacred to me: first Truth, and then, in its tracks, primordial prayer; Then virtue–nobility of soul which, in God walks on the path of beauty. Frithjof Schuon
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