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Default Re: I have information about August 22nd

A preliminary investigation suggests that lightning caused Tuesday's crash of a Russian Tupolev Tu-154 airliner in Ukraine, said Russian Emergency Situations Ministry spokeswoman Irina Andrianova.

Headvoid wrote:

Many in the security services are expecting a major terrorist strike - but I have information that in fact - an american agency are planning a major disaster - I cannot reveal this publicly - but suffice to say, it will APPEAR as if it is an extremist terrorist act.

This is all I can say - but do not travel in Europe on this date. Innocents will be caught up in it all.
Headvoid wrote:

The incident on August 22nd will now not happen on mainland Europe - it looks like it might be Turkey or the East Med area.
Headvoid wrote:

There will be an incident in the eastern med - that's all I know.

We may not know about it EXACTLY tomorrow, but it will happen tomorrow.
You saying this lightning was "manufactured"? Is this information coming from you and you alone or from some external source?

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