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Default Re: What if there is no NWO ?

Not what I said...there is just too much evidence that there is a core Illuminati group as Makow says, and that they control several organizations.
The problem is that the connections are not tight and not very evident. They put some money here, some money there, put some people here and there and so everything goes more or less the way they want.

Therefore you have this bunch of different organizations that seem to be disconected but in fact answer to the same group of bad guys. It is like Enron...hundreds of companies to laundry money to the same bandit.

The book "13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati"may be the best one to understand this.

Of course, being failable humans and subjected ultimately to the per5missible will of God, it is not always that they get what they want.

Sorry for the typos, I am in a bad English day. :-?
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