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Default Re: Israel Must Be Held Accountable For Its International Law Violations

All Conspiracies Aside: Speaking Militarily!

TB, you misjudged my meaning of What Would Happen If Israel was Conquered, or Defeated!

I should've said Militarily, but as usual, when I post here I'm always in a hurry, such as right now, I gotta get back to work. So I'll try to make my point.

Firstly, your conspiracy theories are in-line with mine, I would say your 80% correct, My thinking at the above mentioned post was along the lines of (NON-CONSPIRATORIAL) therefore you must take off your "Tin-Foil-Hat." (just kidding) :-P Here's my point, And again Strictly Militarily speaking, Reviewing the LOSS Israel sustained fighting the HEZBO'S confirms my beleifs that the west is DEAD so to speak.

It seems that the west is losing it's grip on reality, the right to survive, the right to prevail over the "enemy" without feeling ashamed, you get my point, LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER! If you think that all the world's decisions and outcomes are somehow controlled behind the scenes, your quite frankly insane! YES, the scenario of WW3 is, and has been planned for centuries, however, the strategic CHESS GAME is being played right before our eyes, You, I hate to say, are misjudging the RAGHEADS. You have to look beyond the absurd Western View as them being inferior and no match for the Western Military Might, this my friend is the "deception" being used by them. And them I mean Russia, China, Iran, Syria,and the rest who will line up against the west. Don't take this as a insult TB, your views I respect as very knowledgeable, and Forthright, I hope you can offer me your "last days" WW3 scenario, as I would greatly appreciate it, THX. 8-)

P.S. This is one of those "days" where I miss the incredible mind of good ole JOE! VIALLS!
also I would suggest to anyone reading this to do study on "Asymetric" warfare, and the writings of Tsun-Su, the great master of Chinese Warfare, then you'll see what I'm getting at>
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