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Default Re: I have information about August 22nd

Does this count as a good prediction a few days before the event?

Regarding Slobidan Milosovich and The Hauge.

He's already appeared at the The Haugue and defended Milosovich and pissed off the prosecution. NOW...YEARS after, they SUDDENLY find out he's a 'war criminal'! Absoloutly fucking ludicrous and an indication of just how desperate the prosecution is getting.

They dragged the guy back into prison and the tone is he was 'on the run' when he had been living in my home town of Perth for years and was well known in the community.

This is a message for ALL 'witnesses'. You had better say what is expected. Here is the script. Deviate from it and you will hang yourself in your jail cell.

They will kill Milosovich soon.
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