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also check out
A mysterious extraterrestrial ball of light discovered in Ireland.

Source information :

A team of 5 experts discovered in Ireland an old celtic site old of
many thousands years. It has stayed untouched for one thousand five
hundreds years. On this site the team, an archeologist, a computer expert, an
expert of old languages, an architect and a biologist discover a black
chest made in ebony wood. This box is obviously not celtic.

After days of studies to open this chest without damaging anything,
they discover at last what is inside. To their utmost surprise, they see a
ball of light which is floating in the middle of the chest. After days
of work on this lightball to understand what it could be, the linguist
guy pushed by impatience and inattention touches this famous ball. He
feels no pain, but the ball will stop at once its radiance, leaving a
kind of very small flying saucer. This one seems to be a very highly
sophisticated hard disc. Its origin is obviously extraterrestrial. Months
of studies will be needed to be able to produce something from this
extraterrestrial technology.
At last the computer expert will produce a kind of text printed
directly as pictures from this hard disc. These texts are written mainly in
Runes mixed with points and other signs. Those other signs and drawings
were completely unknown. Years will be needed by the whole team to be
able to translate these strange extraterrestrial texts.

Its contents is really fabulous and even more incredible is the fact
that the texts were stocked in this hard disc until the precise second
where it was touched by the language expert. The knowledge brought in
these texts is so revolutionary for humanity that it means a complete
change in our way to understand our past but mainly to deal with our very
near future. Once more years will be needed for the team to integrate
such extraterrestrial ideas. The results of such a way will be a complete
liberation of the psychology and even little by little an integration
of psychic powers. The teaching of the disc invites mankind to step into
the consciousness needed to belong to the cosmic brotherhood, among the
other races who know and see each other so often. This today should be
humanityís place and we must learn to get it. All the explanations
about a huge cosmic war were also given in the texts. The cultural and
psychological knowledge given through these means are no contest, b!
ut the biggest event of our civili

A team of people more or less close to the team of scientists have
decided to witness what they learnt through the team of scientists. The
changes brought by these teachings are incredibly powerful and if you
start this so astonishing experience, your life will be completely
different in the future. Itís not here a simple cultural experience but a real
revolution in your life. Youíll have to be strong and open-minded to
digest these fabulous explanations. All this is powerful enough to change
completely the destiny of mankind. We try through this posting to
gather a maximum of people. Most of the population is afraid of such a
discovery and we know itís very hard to find enough people to exchange about
such a subject.
That's the reason why we contact you directly by mail : we could gather
the whole team of witnesses on one forum which is in fact not a real
forum because there is only one thread. Our thread-forum will be only one
split into two, one in German and the same one in English. That is why
we invite here everybody who could be interested to gather on the same
following address: .By honesty and also
because our goal is not to deal with a forum, ours, is and will stay
only one thread. Our little forum is very new and we hope that some of you
will be able to join this new experience which will produce a new
thread on your own forum with a new circle of witnesses through our forum,
because we wish to spread the knowledge from this astonishing event for
the best of the world.
We are doing our best to contact as many people as possible and as many
forums as we can to gather the witnesses and the experience hoping that
this will produce a new wave of information all over the world. The
light ball gave also information about a kind of vessel called Merkabah
(not exactly what is known in the Kabbalah) more used as a lighthouse to
indicate to our cosmic brothers that we finally stepped into cosmic

Each witness had a very different experience with the expertsí team.
Some know some of them and only a little and some others know very well
the whole team and even the hard disc itself, but everyone has a direct
experience with this story. We believe that the diversity of the
witnesses will bring more objectivity and interest for this so important
subject which cannot be treated like any other subject. We hope to meet you
in this so incredible discussion which will create a new spreading of
the knowledge all over the world.

The organisers, one part of the witnesses. ( )
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