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I've noticed that my previous post for some reason undisclosed has been deleted. Perhaps an admin member can let me know who told them to delete it.

I repeat what I originally stated:
To the left of the sphere, you can just make out part of one of the vehicles. to the left and front of the object can be made out some of the people that were around the object. As I stated I wish I had brought my better camera, but I wasnt expecting the unexpected. If I had known, I would have brought my manual camera with zoom, so I could help make out more detail. Could and Should are poor teachers and wont change the past.

I'm still not sure what the object to the front left is.

As for why the object is not casting a glow? One suggestion from an associate is that it is not a sphere, but a circle. But I have dismissed this as it would have meant that the 'circle' was pointing directly at us.

I am going back this weekend, with a better camera and hopefully take some clearer pictures of the surroundings. Hopefully, the sphere will make a repeat showing, but that is hoping too much
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