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OK, I’ve been following this and trying to work up the courage to post on this. I’m also concerned because of the numerous guests you have on this forum. I know they all cannot be search engine spyders.

I will tell my story but I cannot give the date because that might identify me to the wrong people who threatened me in years past.

Here’s the story:

I went to a small university in central Louisiana near England Air Force Base which has been closed since 1992 . Despite their community friendly website they have always had areas the public could not go to when it was an active base and even now there are areas you can not go into for “safety” reasons.

Several years back when I was in university several of us decided to spend the weekend camping in the woods out near the airbase, (very nice pleasant place to be in Louisiana in late November) We jokingly brought binoculours since there had been rumours ever since WWII of UFO’s being seen near there. We always figured that probably people were just seeing some of the newer “Experimental” jets that they probably tested and flew at night to keep the news media from seeing them. My older cousin went to the same university in the late 80’s and had a b/f at the time whose father was an officer on the base and they frequently went on base because he could buy cigarettes cheaper on base than in regular stores. Even then there were hangers and areas on the base they couldn’t go near.

So we went prepared to see “test planes” and just have a fun weekend camping in the woods.

First night out, nothing unusual but the next night… this was when it got freaky. It was about 1AM and we were up late telling stories and joking when my friend look up and freaked out and started pointing saying, “there’s one, there’s one, there’s one” Me and my other friend whirled around to see where she was pointing and coming in fast over the horizon were 2 lights, no noise whatsoever and moving fast, very very fast. I was thinking something along the order of a new fast stealth mode jet (too much weierd television as a child) when they both made 90 degree perfect turns. Nothing I know of can make those kind of turns. This went on for about 30-40 minutes. We were spellbound. By this point I was convinced it was UFO’s Then they hovered on the side of the base near us, perhaps ½ to ¾ of a mile from us. I got the binoculours focused enough that if anything, they resembled the spheres Barbarian posted.

Now… the final part of the story: The sphere’s picked up moved over the air base and appeared to land at it. We couldn’t see the base because of the trees but they appeared to land there. We started tramping through the woods to see if we could see them, excited, scared, about to pee our pants, afraid but not willing to pass up this chance. As we stepped out of the trees we were grabbed from behind. Some military police carried us to a van parked on the outside of the base. They asked us what we were doing there. By this point we were so scared we weren’t going to admit to anything so we just told them about the camping trip and we were hiking in the woods. We had been drinking wine that night so we emphasized the drinking and explained our wondering around as due to that. They accompanied us back to our site, examined our camp and tent, asked if we had a camera. We didn’t. And then they told us never to come back at nighttime to the base because it was dangerous. They never explained how it was dangerous or why military police were watching a shut down airbase. But they did emphasize “dangerous”. Read into it what you want… I see something our government is involved in that I cannot explain and it scares me to death. This has to be something bigger than government or we’d be seeing this type of aircraft being used in the Iraqi war.
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