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Default Re: SeC, Agent Provocateur???

This is what the phrase "SOLVE ET COAGULA" Means:

Solve et Coagula
Image of the alchemical process, Solve et Coagula, or "solution and coagulation." This motto derives from Alchemy. We put a twist on these medieval Alchemical concepts, where solve or solutio refers to the breaking down of elements and coaguala refers to their coming together, in the process of transmuting base metal into gold or arriving at the Philosopher’s stone. Here, we use solve to refer to the dissolving of hardened positions, resulting from analysis of the parties’ best and worst alternatives to a negotiated agreement and through exchanging of perspectives between parties to the mediation. Coagula refers to the healing of relationships and the "coagulation" of interests and options into an integrated agreement, representing the resolution of the parties’ dispute. Arriving at a workable resolution of an acrimonious dispute is, indeed, like transmuting lead into gold.
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