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Default Re: Book of Revelations

I surmise two things from this:
1) That the "mark" is mandatory and not voluntary
They'll put it over through the guise of "consumer convienence" at first. It will be "trendy". Movies like The Matrix (aimed at the young) push implants. Hitler knew to focus on the young and push the new ideological world view on them and forget the old. He learnt this from the American "Mr Peabody" who was the P.R man of the Rockefella foundation. I think he was the one to come up with the idea for Rockefella to go around throwing "shiny dimes" to poor kids to improve his image.

We ALREADY have GPS tracking in phones and in cars. Public transport uses GPS to track your "multi rider card". Then add in RFID chip technology and we're halfway their + every fool using their Credit Cards to get "frequent flyer points" - do the dumb sheep EVER wonder why they give you free plane rides?

Slowly but surely they introduce knew peices of technolgy which have tracking and tracing capabilities built electronic prison. This is the CARROT.

Heres the STICK...

2) That exclusion from commercial transactions is a SANCTION for non-compliance. In other words, it is not a gradual replacement of our current system of trade, but an all-or-nothing socio-political mandate to all.
This is the "nice" stick made of rubber. They have an even harder stick made of cold hard steel which they will bring out for the Christians who live simply and independantly of "the beast system". Remember WACO.

Fuck 'em. I'll never take it and i'll die happily resisting it. They can never win and there's an awful lot of nervous athiests out their who know of that ONE passage from Revelation and it plays on their mind.

In the end I believe their simply ar'nt enough arseholes on this planet to go along with it. Their will have to be destruction on a MASSIVE scale to thump the population into submission.

Lets just make sure when they collapse the U.S economy under the pretext of high oil prices and neo-Con (neo-bolshevik) economic mismanagement WE know who the REAL culprits are! The ROUND TABLE GROUPS and their Banker Masters. Let 'em know you'll know where the lamp posts are and you have plenty of rope handy. 8-)
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