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Default Re: Why leave the door open to China?

Good to see you here. :-)

Remember that China and the Soviets are in collusion against US domestic political and technological interest.
BOUNCER...China exists SOLEY because of $50 billion a month invested by the West. MOSTLY from the U.S.

China is being built up as "bogey man". It is still HOPELESSLY inept militarily and ZERO threat to U.S armed forces. No one can take on the U.S.

America must be plunged into civil war and chaos for the set up of a proper Police State and the destruction of the Constitution. From their, as Americans sign up to the military to eat...the U.S will be the "iron fist" in the Globalist velvet glove.

They will blame war in the M.E and high oil prices plus neo-con (5th columnist neo-bolshevik) economic mismanagement for the chaos. The Left will be energised and EXACTLY like Rooseveldts "New Deal" after the bankers imploded the world economy...we will see a run up to WW3.

It's text book.:-)
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