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Default Re: I say admin should ban shadow

Torchlithill wrote:
its not just for stupidity, its because (its) useing the titles of our post as his new post under differant group title, bypassing the original post, and those who had contributed to it.
its time to say we need no more Blueangel types here to try to control the post.
I've been rather quietly observing this board. But now I have to speak. It may sound paranoid on my part. (And yes, I've a little touch of ye olde paranoia) but with all the "guests" who are carefully watching the posts here, (not all of them are yahoo or google spyders) I am starting to fear that torchlithill has a hidden adgenda and is trying to keep the searchlight for the truth of what is really going on in this world from pointing in certain directions.

Just because he's been on this board a long time doesn't guarantee that he is one of us who is genuinely concerned about the NWO. Remember, half of the communist cells in the USA that were formed in the 50's, were formed by the CIA to use as a trap to catch communist sympathizers. hmmm...
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