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Default Cheney Wants Another War, and He'll Get it No Matter What

Cheney Wants Another War, and He'll Get it No Matter What

A. Alexander, August 26th, 2006

Poor Dick Cheney! During the lead up to the Iraq War he spent many hours kicking down doors of intelligence agency offices. His objective, of course, was to bully agents into fabricating information that could be used to con the American people into going to war with Saddam. Dick would love to do the same with intelligence agents regarding Iran, but since word leaked out about his Iraq tactics he just can't be seen doing it all over again. That isn't to say, of course, that he isn't willing to have his private pretended "intelligence" crew, formerly known as the "Office of Special Plans", invent stories about Iran's nuclear capabilities. Dick's already tried that Iraq trick.

What then, is Dick to do? Well, Dick does what Dick has always done...only a little more sneak-like! Apply indirect and yet, very palpable pressure on the real intelligence community to generate data favorable to Dick's perspective by using the media and, too, GOP shills in Congress.

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