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nohope187 wrote:
A perfect time to use a cruel pun. Get real!
Just think for a minute, do you know of anyone in your neighborhood that knows about the NWO like you do? What about in your City or State?
I'm guessing the answer is a definite NO. There lies your answer. :roll:
Thanks for your post, nohope. I have the intelligence to know that you are not insulting me, but stating the truth. TRUE, there are those that are 'like totally' in the dark, and couldn't imagine such as thing. Then there's those that 'do think' of these things and are afraid to ask another individual if they feel the same. Then there's those that KNOW and pretend everybody's nuts. And then there's us who come into these forums under fake names HERE and in our email addresses because we either have had our own personal experience, or from observation and WE DON'T HAVE A VOICE because we feel its too late, or they are bigger, stronger, powerful and such. And you know what?? They are.
Did I not say when I first wrote in one of the postings, that most people just burried their heads and now its like Huh??? What's going on???
I know what you are saying nohope, thanks for your response.
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