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Default Re: Does "Unlimited Free Speech" Ruin A Forum?

Part of the reason that Club Conspiracy is considered a joke is that some of the long term posters seem fixated on single issues and do ponderous cut and paste from suspect sources. They do not seem to do any rigourous analysis of sources of confirm them with others.

By the way, the true conspiracies are not the ones you can find easily. Takes work and diligence. But that may be too difficult for some here.
I think ADMIN should ban ALL people who refuse to debate. ANYONE who continues to make glib and ridiculous statements and treat CC as therapy should be immediately banned.

I elaborated with you TOR on the issue of the Middle East. I challenged you to have failed to do this.

If you do not debate but simply make smart arse statements then you should be banned.

In this way CC can be cleaned up and eventually a high quality of posters will come here. It will take time but it will happen.
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