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Default Re: Proclaim, GOD IS ONE

Denounce the devil and his allies, get rid of all the satanic ideas of assigning powers to Jesus, he was no more than a human messenger who ate food and walked in the markets.
You're a very persuasive man, Ahmad, and you might have even convinced me, if it weren't for my unpleasant association with the dark, demonic, spiritual forces of freemasonry.
Within the masonic lodge, ALL gods are worshipped with the exception of one: Jesus Christ. He is the only deity whose very name can get you expelled if you mention it at the wrong time.
Knowing what I know about my freemasonic friends, there is no doubt in my mind that the only god they wouldn't revere is the one most dangerous to them as children of Satan, the Prince of Darkness who masquerades as the Lord of Light.
Remember, Mary, simple deductive reaoning: When all other logical alternatives have been eliminated, that which remains is the solution.
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