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Default Re: Why leave the door open to China?

The thought that the US military would be a part of a coup or engage in running the government shows a simplistic viewpoint of the world.
No. Any coup would involve the high echelons of the military. Thats not you - Once enough CHAOS in the form of economic collapse is provoked by using the excuse of "Peak Oil", terrorism and neo-bolshevick offshoring of jobs...we will see the military weighing in to restore ORDER.

Where have you been the last 20 years? Notice any Marines in your part of town lately doing ANOTHER restore order execise? :-) Come on! The military is ALL OVER the country doing gun confiscations and running road bloacks. What are you? Blind?

While attended the Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, this very topic was discussed.
Inbetween "Tail Hook" exercises?

Kay Griggs Interview Part 1

Kay Griggs Part 2

All of the officers agreed that such a thing was not impractical but impossible. Simply speaking you couldn't get enough people to go along with such an idea.
You actually think you matter? The people making the decisions will not be a bunch of 3 star Generals and below, but the Elite of the Pentagon establishment in nice and hard with the Blue Hat Internationalist Elements run by the CFR and other Round Table Groups.

The miliary has no interest in running anything or disagreeing with civilian control of the government.
You have GOT to be kidding me? Who is the most hated man at the Pentagon? Give you a clue...he likes to crack jokes as American troops die.

The military is INTIMATELY tied into the Establishment Order that run the U.S. Their 450 billion pay cheque ensures an interest into how things are run. Again, i think you have mistaken the commendable views of a bunch of low cut lackeys with the Elite of the Pentagon establishment. When chaos hits the'll be begging for martial law.

We are also quite aware that there are certain orders no military officer would obey from a civilian leadership.
Does that include involving yourself in Middle East quagmires? :-)

As far as China being a threat. Not yet, but there abilities grow daily. They could cause us great difficulties in Asia if they were of a mind to.
Any time the U.S Blue Blood Establishment wants, it can pull the plug on foreign investment and arms sales and China would crash in an allmighty thump. China is nothing more than the bogey man for the day. Asteroid collisions and Super Volcanoes not withsdtanding...also killer bee's. My personal favourite.

China is their to keep the various competing elements of the Pentagon happy. Keep the weapons contracts flowing in. Refer to Thomas Barnetts "The Pentagons New Map"...the ENTIRE U.S Military will be based around 2 parts:

1) "Leviathin" - Comined arms of the airforce, Army and Navy which will SMASH countries who attempt independant development outside the Globalist agenda. The personal "will be young, male, nintendo lovers and slightly pissed off" as Barnett states.

2) "Sys-Admin" - Protected by U.S Marines, this "Policing Force" will maintain order AFTER the smashing is over. These people will be older, multigender, and they will NEVER be coming home.

Try doing a bit more research next time.
Please do. We were all hoping for some "analysis" of your own. So far we have glib, pat, paternalistic answers.

Lift your game. :-)
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