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Default Re: Christian Mission Missing The Point?

It's rather unfortunate that the Brahmanical tradition has undergone a lot of corruption and it is very different today from what it originally was. But the bright side is that the "keys" and the "gateways" to the truth of the Vedas is never lost. Whoever finds this key will also have access to the truth. A person that has traversed the entire path and attained the state of complete unity with the Spirit can NEVER be persuaded to convert to any religion.

Conversion is really about giving up a certain construct in one's own mind and embracing another. The truth of the Vedas has existed for millions of years and goes beyond all mental constructs. Even the Vedic and Tantric paths might require one to hold on to some mental constructs to begin with, but they fall off at advanced stages, since they have already served their purpose and are no longer needed.

In my opinion, even the Christian teachings, in their true essence, serve the same purpose. Accepting Christ Jesus as one's savior and following the "commandments" can provide the person a lot of focus. But even this is useless if the person does not make use of Jesus's teachings to make progress and attain oneness with the Spirit. When one practices unconditional love for all living beings and strives in every possible way to develop "Christlike" qualities, it does lead to a high degree of closeness with the Spirit. However, once the person attains this goal, the religious fanaticism falls off, since it's no longer needed.

I personally know one Catholic "father" in India who has attained this state. In fact, his devotion was so intense that every action of his, including eating, drinking, breathing and sleeping was mentally dedicated to Christ Jesus. He made tremendous spiritual progress and today he has supernatural powers too. I've personally seen light coming from his heart when he reads the Bible. And no, it is NOT a flashlight, it's a supernatural thing. When we asked him how he accomplished it, he humbly replied that there's really nothing "spectacular" about what he did....just giving his entire self over to Christ Jesus; and complete love and surrender with persistant discipline. And yes, he's tolerant towards other religions too and never tries to impose his Christianity on anyone. He realizes the basic essence of his faith as well as the foolishness of fundamentalism.

I can also quote similar examples of several Moslem Fakirs and Sufis accomplishing the same thing. I believe it's a part of the New World Order agenda to make people of different religions fight against each other over differences in the outer form. And we need to do exactly the opposite if we are to defeat the evil.
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