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Default Re: Why leave the door open to China?

In response to truebeliever's rahter disjointed response to my post:

I am not here to play games. I have come here to clear up misunderstanding in what it possible and more importantly what is not possible in the military. A coup or a military dictatorship is not possible.

The reason is simple. Suppose some 4 star general in the Pentagon issues some order to the divsiion commander of the 82nd Airborne out of Fort Bragg to deploy his troops to New York City. The purpose would be control of the city.

First off because of Posse Commitatus, the order would be refused. Now what does the four star general do now? Occupy New York by himself? Second, no order like this would be carried out by the lower ranking officers in the 82nd Airborne even if their division commander ordered it.

Second, you would have to have the cooperation of the civilian populace to get them to go along with it. The 82nd Airborne can field a maximum of about 8000 troops to take over a city and area of 10,000,000. Just not practical.

Third, POTUS would immeditately counter-mand such an illegal order and fire the offending general who gave it.

Forth, even if it could be done. What the hell is the military supposed to do once they occupy New York? Not quite enough of them to fix potholes and make sure the garbage is picked up on time now is there?

Don't challenge me son on what the military is capable of again. Your game is filled with bullshit as are you.
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