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Default Re: I say admin should ban shadow

Why has torchy the tiger or the rat not responded to my PM or even the accusations made about them here.

Are they running scared because their cover has been blown or are they scared little turds as scanpiracy seems to believe.

I really don't care, but I do not like these little wimps advocating my banning and they run and hide like the little vermin that they are.

Sure I may be scared of getting infected by trojans and worse a data viper, but that is because I have seen first hand the damage that they can do. But I will stand up to what I say and believe.

That is something that torchy, the rat and their little Swiss friend Roger do not seem to do. All they are capable of doing is inciting hate with fake articles and web sites.

Come out you vermin, get backbones and give us some answers.
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