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Default Re: Transcendent Unity Of Religions

madkhao wrote:
Sorry Draken, crowneagle
I agree to disagree and will move on

I believe the real NWO agenda actually
wants us to quit 'fighting' and accept the unity of many different faiths. A unity of religions on an esoteric level sounds to me like freemasonry. It all sounds a little new age too.
I think you don't understand what it means "esoteric level". That is high level when just being in touch with God if you calling Him Allah ,Jesus the Son Of God, God Father, Shiva, Brahma or other names. All these just to folowing a face .. but in essence is the same God. Because is the only ONE for all.this is esoteric level when you recognize God in all these forms ... Only the clothes (dogmas) are different God is the same.
And isnt at all a face of freemasonry concept because htey dont follow God, thats for sure. They want to controll the world and tell you about same religion . But for them "religion " is a tool to controll you .And them god isnt God. God give you free will and never broke the vow for your free will. Where can you see them god wanted to let you to think free. Who likes to be the first being a big ego and to tempt you to follow him? Satan! never he dont let you to think free and never give you free will. But freemasons are fools because they think Satan is opposite to God!! Poor human mind!! Satan is a tool for God... because is a creation of God to make us to come back to God. Freemasons are blind and big egos... Soon they will fail. These humanity need to jump on other vibration level. And we will go to there not with these stupid masons...
\"Humanity sometimes trips on the Truth, but quickly recovers and follows its course. (Murphy\'s Law)
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