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Default Re: Russia Repays Cold War Debt - "Thanx Georgy Porgy"!

As usual you have it wrong. It is France and the USA that have all to gain from this crisis.

Get it together boy or I will have to have you removed.
Please explain. In detail.

If you dont then I have two theories.

1) You are Henry Makow attempting to goad people into making more of an effort in analysis.

2) You are simply a troll who's only role is to tie up debate in...non debate. Just simple sniping to tie up the thread and deflect peoples energies away from the main point of the thread.

Either way...i beleive ADMIN should rule this forum with an iron fist and expell ANYONE who engages in simple name calling and trolling activities whether subtle or not so subtle.

Again, you have NOT engaged me in debate of ANY kind so far. You have limited yourself to extremely glib one liners which are ludicrous.

Either way I think you should go.
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