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Default Fee Fi Fo Fum... I smell me some shitty bum

Thought I'd take in a little Hollywood this weekend and went to see finding neverland with Dippy Depp, who I loved in pirates of carribean and chickee from tit's up titanic, Winslett whatever.

Anyhoo... we all know the story of Peter pan...?

This is the way Hollywood is setting it up. The acting was disgraceful, the lines were garbage and the plot was poorly constructed and thiny veiled, to say the least.

If you want to see this garbage, don't read any further.


- man writes poor play which closes
- man meets boys in the park then meets woman who owns boys
- boys father is dead
- man begins to court boys and not the woman
- man's own wife not in love and begins real affair elsewhere
- woman falls ill
- man writes Peter pan as we knew it and invites 25 orphans to see stage show
- the show is a hit
- perform mini version of stage show in the home of dying woman/mother
- woman dies and man inherits children with maternal grandmother's approval


Reads just like lessons in pedophilia that I heard on tv regarding tactics of pedophiles. What to look for and how to proceed.

The movie was garbage to say the least. I fail to understand how it has recieved such high ratings? That is what makes me believe that their is an ulterior motivation to the release and Hollywood professed brilliance of this film. Kinsey...

Everyone that I saw leaving the cinema commented on how shit this movie was too. Any red flags folks?

Mary XXX

N.B. Also took the kids to see racing stripes - the movie about the zebra who thought he was a racing horse.

Three young girls sat behind us and the audience was full of kids. Somewhere, in the film, they showed a scene, and the girls behind me made a loud "OOOOOOOOOOOOooo, yuuuuuuuuuuck" noise amongst many other from several other children, including my own.

What was the scene? Was it buzz and scuzz, the flies, nose diving into scrummy shit? NO!

It was the full frontal nude of a male dog.

A big dog, the full size of the screen, laying on his back with his penis laying everywhere. This scene made no sense to the plot. It was someone's sicko idea of something.

What is the purpose of showing a G rated children's audience, a very clear full screen size of a dog and his penis showing for a sustained length of time? This wasn't just a flash... The dog was up there for at least five seconds which is relatively a long time when you consider how much film ends up on the cutting room floor.

Someone please tell me I am imagining these things. I am noticing a very sicko agenda indeed.

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