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Default Re: The Judaic Role in the Black Slave Trade (vid)

Typical Jew Bashing. Nothing new having seen this before.

What else do you have?
Yep. It was all those pesky jews. They forced the slaves on the innocent Protestant crackers. They really wanted to pick their own cotton but the damn jews would not hear of it.
The man is simply pointing out Hidden History.

"The Jews" have managed to hide their role in MANY world endevours which need a light shone on them. He is also simply pointing out how the rabbidly racist and biggoted "Talmud" gives ideological and moral support to such endevours.

Take the Hollywood movie "The Gangs Of New York". We have the Italian Mafia and the Irish mafia etc...But guess who they forgot to mention? Yeh, the Jewish Mafia..."Bugsy" Segal and Myer Rothstein, two of the BIGGEST players in the game just as an example but in this movie "The Jews" get no mention. It's laughable.

Because of this laughable ommission from the historical record we get a "backlash" where the jew and ONLY the jew is being set up as a prime scape goat for all the worlds ill's.

It's a good Vid and well worth watching. Anyone who dismisses this so lightly is not being honest.
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