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Default Re: Why leave the door open to China?

I am not here to play games. I have come here to clear up misunderstanding in what it possible and more importantly what is not possible in the military. A coup or a military dictatorship is not possible.
Thanx for your first attempt at explaining your position.

As for what is possible and what is not possible in the military...from your response you know nothing. Your paternalistic arrogance knows no bounds. Well, i taught a thing or two to Wayne Prime outta Oz Military Intelligence based in Kunnundra Queensland so i'll no doubt be teaching you a thing or two. At least Wayne now admits Kennedy was definately killed via a covert op run outta the CIA apparatus. Small victories are possible. "Royd" from ASIO has also been taught a few things via my "mole" Asiah. Again, small victories. are those "Tail Hook" exercises going?

Kay Griggs Interview On Sexual Antics In The U.S Military.

A coup or a military dictatorship is not possible.
A coup has ALREADY occured. A clique of Internationalists calling themselves "neo-Cons" (neo-Bolsheviks) managed to manipulate voting machines and the U.S Supreme Court to install in power a alcoholic and drug addicted Global Village Idiot called George Bush. Shortly after they ran a covert op utilizing British and Israeli Intelligence to frame Muslims for 9-11. Previous to this "they" funded through their Saudi connections "Al-Quida" and the thousands of "Madrahsas" where Muslim boys go to learn an extremist version of Militant Islam. Hows that for a start?

The reason is simple. Suppose some 4 star general in the Pentagon issues some order to the divsiion commander of the 82nd Airborne out of Fort Bragg to deploy his troops to New York City. The purpose would be control of the city.
No, the Marines are being SPECIFICALLY trained for this role. Reserve components of the army are also earmarked. Where have you been the last 20 years? Their have been so many stories on Marines on U.S streets in violation of Posse Comitatis we've lost count. Here are some links for you...

Alex interviews Dave Shultz, the Okanagon, WA County Commissioner who is convinced his county is a designated home for a concentration camp in a case of civil unrest.

Foundations are in place for martial law in the US

Canada-US troop deal 'close'

Biden backs letting soldiers arrest civilians

Will military enforce domestic law

Northern Command General Endorses Posse Comitatus Review

U.S. mulls military's domestic role

U.S. Should Consider Giving Military Arrest Powers, Ridge Says

ACLU examines Pentagon role in sniper probe

Alabama Activates Tank Unit

Utilization of U.S Military equipment is common in civilian programs as well as personal. It is now ADMITTED that members of Delta Force or "Combat Operations Group" were prersent and "pulling triggers" at Waco. The list is endless.

Second, you would have to have the cooperation of the civilian populace to get them to go along with it. The 82nd Airborne can field a maximum of about 8000 troops to take over a city and area of 10,000,000. Just not practical.
The civilian population will be BEGGING for martial law once the killer bee's, terrorist attacks and the street riots start because of the imploded U.S economy. The population is controlled via the application of chaos and then offering a soloution to that chaos via a suspension of the U.S constitution and Posse Comatatis.

How do you think the U.S population has been kept in line these last 50 years? Who financed Communism? Read Anthony Suttons...

Wall Street & the Bolshevik Revolution

Wall Street And The Rise Of Hitler (Online Book).

Our Banker Masters finance both sides of the scam and scare the hell outta the peasants thereby centralizing power and maintaining control. Final power over U.S citizens lies in the U.S governments war powers. This is 101 stuff. Please read up. You have easy access to the internet?

Forth, even if it could be done. What the hell is the military supposed to do once they occupy New York? Not quite enough of them to fix potholes and make sure the garbage is picked up on time now is there?
You state some very strange things. By what great leap of logic do you equate Martial Law and the use of the military to enforce order with fixing pot holes? I think you are a little mad. :-o

Don't challenge me son on what the military is capable of again. Your game is filled with bullshit as are you.
Keep it civil. Your abuse shows the complete lack of knowledge and insight in these matters. I have given you links and statements which you will adress or show for the fraud you are.

On the subject of military matters...i assure you, seeing as I was informally offered to lecture on "open source information" available to the military at the Military Intelligence Training Camp in Queensland...I would wipe the floor with you.

Your arrogance is underwhelming and shows a complete lack of knowledge in even the most basic of matters.

By keeping it civil you will over time learn a thing or two.


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