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Default Re: Max has an excellant idea!!!!!!!!! print on all currency

Another reason for different people to chose different messages is if everybody does the same one, it will make any governmental entity interested in quashing that effort be able to look for specific information here on the internet to determine what started somebody doing that. It makes it much harder if it's different messages in different writing. Although, they would still be able to identify that the idea for doing it at all originated, say, at ClubConspiracy.

I can't figure out right now whether the paranoia I'm feeling even "typing" on this site means: A, I'm a little too freaked by all the stuff I'm learning and, therefore, not being realistic about the likelihood of any entity taking an interest in my online research activities; or B, I am more perfectly aware than I ever have been of the sort of danger that is posed in this country and others by acts of resistance.

In other words, I'm not clear on the level at which we are being monitored and when they would decide we need to be suppressed. Every time I try to sign on to this site and it's not available, I have that moment of believing that somebody is hacking it so as to shut it down. Is that crazy or just really aware?

P.S. If you really decide to do this, don't forget to wear gloves and vary the ink and handwriting. I wouldn't have a stamp made, because that stamp manufacture could be traced back to you. Handwriting that is consciously altered from your normal style, I believe would be much harder to prove its author.
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