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I don't know about what anyone else makes of all this JonBenet Ramsey news lately, tells me that abused children have no one to speak for them. Why are they spinning with this?

Do they really NOT have enough evidence?

I'm stuck in thought that a family member did it! Period!

If that were my child, and I was the abuser/tormentor/murderer...I'd be snuffed out already.

Are they leaving us to think that the rich get away with 'murder'? Me thinks so!!!!!!!!

Or, are they really thinking that we see this whole thing as tough to crack? A crime committed by an intruder?

I know there's alot of other stuff going on in our world today, and yes, this case is ten years old...but, why and who came up with this John Karr scenerio? Did he really come to light on his own?

I feel we are constantly 'shown' that the world is a stage. How insulting.

Can we really believe anything today?

Can we really trust anyone to give us the truth?

Do the 'dead' know the truth?

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