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Default Re: Documents Show Freemasons and Illuminati as Initiators of Wars and Revolutions

Don't forget garbagemen. A lot of them are Free Masons because the spying has to start somewhere.
:-? No way the point i just made in the post previous to this one was to highlight the bourgoisie nature of Freemasons since i have read several books on the subject i believe i know what i am talking about!.
The only you join freemasons in Australia is to be invited to join this only happens if freemasonry runs in a Middle class family or you have some professional standing they consider in demand & attractive enough to invite someone in the first place.
No working class people join masons the only way blue collar worker could be acceptable to masons is if they are self employed for start.The ordinary lower class worker would be of no interest to them just as no retards would be!.

The point is freemasons are all about achievement and ambition the lower on the social scale someone is the less likely they would be to have anything to do with Freemasonry thats why its strange that so many rightwingers of the paleo con type should knock them because right wingers are all about achievement and ambition as well there all middle class values afterall. 8-)
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