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Default Re: Want to know of a site that promotes NWO ideals?

Thats it?
You just answer ONE of my points and ignore the ones which concern invasion of privacy?
Or editing and deleting of posts?
Or yourselves logging in as members to post spurious comments?
Thats the best you can do?
Mock my photographs, claim them as fake, 'we've dealt with you now' attitude?
Is that the plan of attack for NWO? Just go after one little item and hope that it will bring down their entire infrastructure? You've been watching too much Star Wars.

I'm glad you have access to the other websites. Perhaps they will show you how to run a website instead of the tactics that you deploy on this site

I demand an explanation for attempting to access my email account, for editing and deleting my posts, for logging in as members

...and lets keep it open and public. This site is supposed to be against the antics of 'behind closed doors'
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