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Default Re: Truth a FINANCIAL Matter?

Draken wrote:
No, what's IN the Protocols is the issue, haven't you noticed?

O Teacher of Great Truths, I'm lost. :lol:
You're funny!!!

No one is paying me to teach, find the truth on your own.
So for YOU it's a financial matter, Truth?!?!
Very well...
Most of what I find on the net is next to worthless.

I was attacted to Henry via Ether Zone; aberrant sexuality is an interest. When Henry writes about the subject he's the most acquainted with (feminism) he's usually very solid. When he steps out of his comfort zone he posts crap like expect a Nuke in Houston.

I know that things like Satanism, the Occult, Free Masonry, and Reptilian Alien Shape Shifters does nothing to advance knowledge. Such claims, true or not ... the average person just tunes out.

The task then is to describe the monster without resorting to a crutch. As such, the Protocols is a non starter.

Also, it isn't the document many theorists suggest it is.

We have met the enemy and ... he is us.

Pogo (Walt Kelly)
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