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Socialism,liberalism,Communism, has been a CANCER on humanity for too long. The NWO thrives on humanity being dependent on government, Yes, I agree that there are good social programs that are neccessary, but how much can a individual be taxed? 40% 50% 60% of income?
So you are not dependent on government you claim?. O.k so do you pays taxes I bet you do guess what pal sorry to burst your bubble but that makes you a dependent of the government you may not ask them to pay your bills but they sure as hell need you to pay theirs.
However I can garauntee that you are dependent on the mainstream global capitalist economy just like any one else that must buy and sell. So how exactly are you so independent of the mainstream. When the verichip 666 comes youll accept it willingly no doubt, as you must buy and sell right.

This is why I see myself as being a Independent Conservative, As the world turns! :-)
So do you live in bubble a waco style compound, uncharted island or Mars to make such a delusional statement are you on lsd.:roll:
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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