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Default Aliens are in fact Demons

My response to Makow`s last post on his savethemales website about UFOs. Finally, I disagree with the man in something. :-)


Dear Dr Makow,

It is a fact that we are seeing more UFO activity these days. However, what should we make of it ?
Some facts:

- encounters with aliens, abductions and conversations with aliens bear an extreme resemblance to supernatural, spiritist occult activities. Many, or most people who pass thru these experiences have been dabbing with the occult for some time. Aliens behave more like spirits than material beings, using telepathy, automatic writing, etc. They themselves say sometimes that they are disembodied spirits. People involved in occultism really make contact with spirits, and they are not lying...they are only being deceived, thinking that those demons they talked to are aliens.

- they (aliens) are ALL adepts of new age philosophy and always anti-Christian. Masonry and occult societies are very FOR aliens, not against. They believe in Atlantis, and somehow justify their doings by a desire to return to that age (when supposedly the aliens ruled).

- The Bible shows clearly that Satan has power over nature, like in the story when Jesus calms down a demonic caused storm, or the natural destruction caused by Satan to Job. It is only because of God`s restrain that Satan has not destroyed us all.

It is my firm opinion that the UFO phenomena is in reality a demonic masquerade to deceive people into believing that there is hope apart from God. In the last days, the Bible says that God will allow Satan to have freedom to make wonders to deceive those who refused to believe. I think that`s what Satan is doing with those UFOs. They are probably caused by demons acting in our dimension with powers we don`t comprehend, much like they use to do with ectoplasm, strange tumors and weird stuff like that (remeber the Fatima sun dance). Somehow God is willing to let them put on this freak show to test the faith of believers. But UFOs are just that, illusions and energy shows.

The Bible also says that we would have such a delusion that, if permited, would deceive even the elect. It seems it is what is happening now.

Anyway, the main point is: occult societies are allies, not enemies of so called aliens. This book must be a decoy.

Best regards,

xxxxx (Saturnino) - Brazil

PS: I suggest some readings from Bill Schnoebelem and a book named The Beautiful Side of Evil for a better understanding of satan's power to deceive. People really do leave their bodies, talk to spirits, and it seems that some even travel to wierd spiritual places, where they are at the hands of demons. No wonder God forbids these activities so vehemently. It is like going down in a pit of snakes.

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