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Default Re: Documents Show Freemasons and Illuminati as Initiators of Wars and Revolutions

Because they are fans of the UN and internationalism. Good right wing conspiracy buffs want to see the UN gone and that valuable real estate turned into high end condos.
U.N or no U.N the illuminati has always been there. So you think that by doing away with the UN that secret societies will just disappear you have to be joking!. I would also like to add the UN was purely a US innovation to the worlds problems still is a US puppet thats why its such a toothless tiger because the US pulls its strings.
The US government still funds it and gives it home in NY. It could have easily been moved to Geneva the Hague or London by now but hasnt which proves alot about how important a tool it is for US foreign policy despite all the huffing and puffing of US rednecks from the deep south.

But by The Donald, a gentile, not any of the Dursts or Reichmans or any of the jewish real estate developers.
All just a matter of degree id think very rich right wingers have no problem with the NWO some poor US ones seem to. However the small business man whining about a big business man simply looks like a case of jeolousy and sour grapes to my eyes i am sure those rednecks have no problem sticking it to those on welfare even if they happen to be fellow white trash. :-?
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