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Default Re: TOR is a spyp

Sir Henry is on holiday right now but when he gets back he will be quite unhappy with some people.
Well Sir henry had ample oppertunity in the past & hasnt done squat so i dont see why this is about to change.
And Mr Tor if you have mod rights as you claim then why dont you start banning right away show some resolution.

I personally do not think he takes this site as seriously as ozzie does but I could be wrong. He and I do not see eye to eye on what this forum should do.
Well if he doesnt then that only makes me suspicious for the real purpose of cc. I guess it must simply be kind of social psyops experiment with us conspiracy nuts & affilated jesters(thats me) as willing lab rats!.Except in my case theres nothing you could possibly learn because i already threat this place like a complete joke only mr lard ass cold meatlover is worse!. :-P :-D
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