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Default Re: Aliens are in fact Demons

Yes, I guess it is possible that SOME are, but not those who take people aboard, etc. These are spiritual travels, spiritual allucinations.

I used to have a friend, a marketing executive, with a degree, etc. No freak at all. She would come in the company in the morning (a multinational) and tell us about the astral travel she had last night, how she talked with these beings of light from another planet, etc. She was really sincere. Not a lunatic, just deceived by demons. Later I learned this is common occult practice.

It is interesting that many scientists made their big discoveries in dreams and visions (told by spirits)...maybe people are receiving technologic advice to built some TOYS (guns?) that fly without jets. It surely would be a help in the general delusion, but they are not ships from other planets.

Chupacabras may be the same thing, spirits that had the permission of God to play those ugly jokes. If the Bible is right (and it is) we will see more and more of those things. But they are just spiritual clown tricks.

I remember seeing a movie from a tourist of a UFO near the WTC. The thing moved as quickly as lightining. Anyone aboard would be crushed by G-forces. Was it a probe ? Probably. From Sirius way.

Anyway, some Christians believe that God may allow demons to materialize in the end times (Nephylins). I have a hard time with that. They would destroy us in a second.

But the main fact is that i don`t agree with Makow`s position that aliens are against the NWO...they are one of the main pieces in the agenda of the big delusion.

I urge you to check for a good exposť.

All the best.
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