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Default Re: Phone Taps

Draken wrote:
They're tapping all our phones just because we're on this forum. Simple as that. They think WE'RE conspiring - look who's the conspiracy "theorist"! :lol:
I never use my real anything on these forums, or email addresses, and I use as public computer--- like 3, 4 other people who visit this site (that I'm aware of). I also thought my phone was being bugged, so I bought a phone with a bug detector implanted. They're not that expensive anymore. And on a few occasions the phone would get cut off. When the party would call me back I would ask if they were recording our conversation, they said they have to, so I reminded them to please let me know at the beginning of the call. That's (supposedly) the law. Insurance companies should now better than that!! Shame, shame.
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