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Where do you think Stephen King got the nomenclature Lot 6 from? I'm not joking about Lot 6 by the way. See if you still have your old shot records and look. It was on mine.

This happened back in 1982 when 10 of us were pulled aside from a training group and told we had to get another immunization. Something about missing an important one. After I got my shot record back it was stamped Lot 6. I asked about it and the medic said he wasn't sure what it was. I pursued finding out over a period of 20 years until I was finally told to stop asking about it by a military doctor of considerable rank. Some time after that my military shot records were "lost" from my medical file.

I kept track of two of the guys that received Lot 6 and they have similar symptoms that I just posted.

I have never has a cold or the flu from that time forward. I did suffer from insomnia though from that point onward.
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