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Hi, maybe goodbye. Any serious posters here?
Jumped into Club Conspiracy a few times just to browse under 'guest' and came across some good topics. Somehow they fizzle out after a while.

With some of the nonsense I've noticed here lately, is this the 'end' of Club Conspiracy?

My topic of interest is the concern like many Americans have about foreign aid; the lastest stats showing the grossly low wages across the US; and the general plight of the 2-job holder getting nowhere.

A question I have for you: "Do any of you hold 2 jobs and still cannot afford a little luxury in your life?", and "Do any of you have a job where they bounce your hours/shifts around so that it makes it impossible for you to find another job?"

It seems to me that there is an awful lot of companies that go by this structure as if to make it (intentionally) difficult to hold a second job.

As well, some folks get a little 'hint' here and there at work if they do hold a second job. Has this ever happened to any of you?

Is our right to work 'when and how much' being taken away from us?

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