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Tor wrote:
You bring up several good points all of which I'm going to ignore. The basic thing about working is that they own you. So get used to it and start busing your ass and maybe someone at your main job will start noticing. If you are going to be a lazy-ass don't come here whining about it.
Obviously you are one of the asshole posters that I'm talking about that is filtering CC with slime and other nonsense.

As far as lazy ass, you must be talking about yourself.

No lazy ass here. This is why I brought up the topic, so that the good, responsible Americans like myself can discuss our present situation of low wages and economic structure as it is now.

You on the other hand just assumed I was some lazy ass such as yourself trying to live a life of Riley.

For the record, I'm in sales. I'm educated, and not in need of anyone's sympathy or inappropriate response such as yours.

If you cannot hold a discussion, perhaps it is YOU that should not come into this site.

Americans today want to provide for their children and other family members with the best that they could. And unfortunately, even with the company I am with, our phone and other clerical people cannot. Because we are a well-known business name that work's around the clock, we create the work schedules for week to week which might include that particular weekend, and even shift rotation. Which makes it difficult for someone to have a 'steady' second job.

This is what I meant.

If you did not catch what I was bringing to light, well then, you must be some welfare/foodstamp junkie waiting for mom or dad or somebody to die so that they might leave you a little something.

Perhaps your ass is so big it runneth over the edge of the couch. Time for you to get up and get a job. Try getting two. Work, yes it's probably something your mom and dad couldn't get you to do.

You must be the black sheep of the family.

Sorry folks, but this clown is what is going to be put in the handbasket to hell. It is obvious that there are a couple of jerks (like him) having multiple names coming here. They do a split screen and presto....

Good bye!
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