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Default Re: Aliens are in fact Demons

55132 wrote:
The Bible says that in the end times Satan and his minions would be confined to earth and that the earth is totaly possed by satan, prior to this he could move at will between heaven and earth.

It also states that when the final battle comes Jesus and his armies will come from the heavens and that the antichrist and his armies will fight against the LOrd but the Lord will prvail.

Does't this sound like a space inavsion?
Interesting, I really can't tell but who knows what will happen.

What I do believe is that in the coming future after the global cataclysms/wars/plagues that will slaughter most of humanity, the planet will be in such an evil state that you will see things that defy all morality and logic. Canibalism everywhere, beastiality, human sacrifice, all these things you will see IN PUBLIC PLACES!

and of course the supernatural will become normal. Like the Bible says about the return of Christ, it would be as in the days of Noah. If you study the days of Noah it was a disgusting, evil world.
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