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Default Where does the buck stop?

After years of researching history and different conspiracy theories I have come to consider the possibility that our enemies are not mortal. Consider, humans are too greedy and do not have the wisdom required to set and keep a course throughout several lifetimes. In fact I believe that our enemies were here working long before manking even dreamed up the idea of civilization.
Consider again, what about motive? What does the ruler gain who subjects his society to the tyranny of the new world order. He still dies and leaves his riches behind. In fact he gains nothing that he did not have simply because he can have all that he wants or needs because his is already the ruler.

The new world order is working to enslave humanity, then to what end? Only a spiritual answer can satisfy these questions! However, do not be quick to place the blame on satan or pagans. Where do you think america learned the art of lying? From Jehovah of course! The god of the Jews and Christians is suffeciantly evil, or psychotic, to bring about humanities enslavement.

Take some time to think about this idea and reply. I would appreciate both for and against replies because I must say that I am biased and so may not grasp the entire picture.

Thank you

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